There are many things that go into making your photo booth hire experience a good one!

Our Photobooths are built up on site and therefore will fit into most places.  The norm is to provide unlimited visits to the booth for the hours that you hire the booth for.  When we say unlimited, it means if you have booked the booth for 3 hours, then you can use the booth non stop until your 3 hours are up!  You can hire the booth for as many hours as you like, but the most common is 3 hours. Birthday parties would normally be 2 hours and events would be 4 hours plus. But PhotoboothMania will make your package bespoke depending on your requirements.

During the photo booth hire the photos will print within 20 seconds after leaving the booth and is available to view then immediately

There is one print per visit provided unless otherwise agreed. For every photobooth hire we provided a prop box plus at least one booth butler to ensure that your booth experience runs smoothly.   Guestbooks are very popular for weddings. This includes (usually a black paged journal style book) where one photo will by glued into the book after the photos print  and then your booth butler will get the guests who are in that photo to leave a message for the couple or the birthday guy/girl etc.  This book then will be presented/ given to the person/s whose event it is at the end of the hired time. We have people saying that it is one of the most valuable things that they have from the wedding day. Imagine lots and lots of fun photos of family and friends dressed up!


4X6 INCH PRINTS / OR PHOTO STRIPS(old booth style)/  OR BOTH


GREENSCREEN. (This is where you can put different backgrounds super imposed behind the guests as if they are in a different place or setting.  Very popular!)

VIDEO MESSAGING ( This allows messages to be left for the wedded couple / or the birthday girl/ or the fashion show survey etc. etc.)

ONLINE PASSWORD PROTECTED GALLERIES (For those who want their guests/ clients to be able to see all the photos from the event)

FACEBOOK PRESENCE (  For those who want guests to be able to tag photos and share them easily)