1.  Can we add another hour to the booth time frames?

Yes, you may add as many hours as you want at £100 per hour.  Our most common request is for 3 hours.

2.  Do you provide an attendant to oversee the booth use?

We provide at least one "Booth Butler" to ensure the booth use goes smoothly and also to make sure that the guest book is signed (if a guest book has been requested)

3.  How many prints are printed per visit to the booth?

Normally it is one print per visit, however most packages include one for the guest book too (which the guests will sign next to)  In the event that there is no guest book required, then the 2nd print can be for another guest, all depending on which package you book.

4.  How will you carry the booths into the venue?

All our photo booths are modular, and are carried in bags, cases.  This means that they can be built up on site and can take anywhere from 50 minute to one and a half hours depending on the venue and access.

5.  Do you provide a box of props?

Yes, we provide a box of props with each booking. They can include wigs, glasses, hats and other fun things to use.

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